14 Selected Actions Set

14 Selected Actions Set is a professional Photoshop actions selection created by our team and ideated for photographers and graphic designers. All the actions have been created from professional photographer techniques.

14 Selected Actions Set - 1

Preserve your original images (all actions are based on a non-destructive procedure)

One folder output (Adjustment Layers are retained so that you can customize the final appearance)

One-Click Actions (you only need to make a click)

196 action combinations (you can generate multiple outputs with the instructions included in the documentation)

14 Selected Actions Set - 2

Create a Dream

Enhance your Photo

Cinematic Appeal

Professional Lighting

A Picture to Remember

Corporate It

Adding Depth with Shadows

National Geographic Filter

Details Enhancer

Water Shots Enhanced

Food Shots Enhanced

Snow Photography Action

Perfect Grass

Warm Scene

An extensive documentation is also included in the product (PDF format).

14 Selected Actions Set - 3

Version 1.4 – August 14th, 2016

- NEW CONTENT: A full PDF tweak guide is added to the documentation.

Version 1.3 – September 23rd, 2013

- UPGRADE: Two professional actions were added to the set.

Version 1.2 – August 26th, 2013

- UPGRADE: Four new professional actions were just added to the set. 

Version 1.1 – August 20th, 2013

- FIXED BUG: two bugs fixed in one action. Now all works seamlessly!
- NEW CONTENT!: four professional actions were added to the set. 

14 Selected Actions Set - 4

Images are not included. Credits can be found in the documentation files.