Big City – Personal and Blog WordPress theme

BigCity is a Personal and Blog WordPress Theme. Packed with powerful features to suit almost every needs and yet so simple to use.

Works with latest WordPress versions.

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  • Unlimited Colors for Almost Every Element
  • With Big City you can easily make theme truly yours, we give you full freedom changing theme style as you like.

  • User-defined Text Color and Font Size
  • Define text colors for content or headings in every area.

  • Custom Bacgrounds
  • Upload any backgrond you want, you can upload it easily in two levels or just set color with colorpicker.

  • Customizable content area background
  • If you really want something different it is up to you, customize everything like we promissed.

  • Custom Notification Settings
  • Customize notification messages for pages like 404 error, contact page and others.

  • Custom Text or Translation in Option Panel
  • We understand how multinational our community is and we give possibility to enter custom text or translation for WordPress strings

    in our Option Panel.

  • Everything Done Easily in Theme Options Panel
  • Everything you need can be accessed and customized in our Option Panel. We made it really simple and understandable to end user.

    Our Option Panel is made to make things easy for you and not to make it difficult to navigate through tons of unnecessary options.

  • 12 page layouts plus special pages like 404 and search
  • Layouts include:

  1. Default – full width page with no header
  2. Full width+ Header – full width page with header
  3. Left sidebar+ Header – page with left sidebar and header
  4. Right sidebar+ Header – page with left sidebar and header
  5. Left sidebar – page with left sidebar and no header
  6. Right sidebar – page with right sidebar and no header
  7. Portfolio one column
  8. Portfolio two column
  9. Portfolio three column
  10. Portfolio four column
  11. Contacts – page with integrated Google maps and right sidebar
  12. Blog – blog page with sidebar and post slider
  • Powerfull Shortcodes
  • Shortcodes make content managment so easy and fun. That’s why our theme comes with a huge collection of highly customizable


  • Slide-up Footer Option
  • We thought it would be cool to access footer widgets from every position, it is made possible with sliding footer option. Fixed one is

    also availible.

  • Unlimited Sidebars
  • Create unique sidebar for every page. Activate custom sidebar with one click and you are free to add any widget exclusively for

    selected page.

  • Customizable Headers
  • You can choose between page templates with slider, maps, post slider or custom image in header section.

  • Built-in Contact Form
  • Build your contact form in just a few clicks with easy form builder, choose from different field types, set required fields and also

    access your messages directly from dashboard.

  • Integrated Google Maps
  • Google maps are integrated in our theme with no API key required. Customize and set your location in our Option Panel.

  • Social Integration
  • With twitter and social media widgets with multiple icon sets for all major social services you can stay connected and show off your

    social profiles in easy way.

  • Custom Cufon Fonts
  • Choose from more than twenty different cufon fonts to make your content look like your want.

  • Slider Manager with many options
  • Easy to use slider manager, with wide variety of options. No need to create posts for each picture, all can be with custom image

    upload panel.

  • Portfolio Manager
  • Separate Dashboard section for portfolio to manage your items and categories.

  • Custom Widgets
  • In addition to all default WordPress widgets, you also have advanced recent post widget, social media widget and twitter updates.

  • No Plugin Installation required
  • Everything is fully integrated with the theme and you will not need to install any additional plugins. Your are all set after installing

    the theme.

  • And more…
  • Updates
    Shortcode panel overhaul for new TinyMCE 4.0 starting with WP 3.9.
    (Files to update: whole bigcity/panel folder )
    1.WordPress 3.5.2 compatibility update
    1.Responsive layout 
    2.Speed increase
    3.Font uploader
    4.Header choice for every page and post
    5.Any content in headers now possible
    6.Updated theme options
    7.New portfolio features
    8.Orbit slider added
    9.Post slider update
    10.Updated contact form
    11.Many bug fixes
    1. BigCity Child Theme added for customisations.
    2. Post slider now also displays headings in excerpt mode.
    3. Left sidebar bug from v.1.4 fixed.
    1. Comments enabled for portfolio items.
    2. Main content is now placed before sidebar in the code to allow Search Engines and social network applications read it first.
    3. Preview style main slider buttons added as default.
    4. Tag page displays full content.
    5.. Bug fixes: submenu hover fix for active items; Google Maps script fix and couple of minor bugs fixed.
    1. Now guests can publish posts, without registration - achieved with only one shortcode. Choose from various post statuses e.g. 
    published, pending etc.
    2. Horizontal menu option added. Just move custom menu widget into header widget area.
    3. Search, category, archives pages improved.
    4. Minor pager bug fixed when having large amount of posts on page.
    5. Some widget improvements.
    1. Improved user manual and troubleshooting section added.
    2. New post shortcodes added. Now you can have selected category post excerpts with full
    formatting and read more buttons. 
    3. One click slider settings.
    4. New category page, with primary sidebar.
    5. Post slider now works with empty excerpt value.
    6. Author box bug fixed when changing box colors.
    7. Widget header pattern remains when color is changed.
    8. Comments widget in footer is now displayed properly
    9. More tweaks to logo scaling
    10. Next previous buttons fix for home slider
    11. Updated content XML file
    12. Sortable portfolio, choose categories to show on your portfolio page, just enter
    category name.
    1. Author box added to the blog post.
    2. Visually improved category,archive and search page results and paging added.
    3. Improved logo and header section positioning and scaling, now logo of any size is located right way.
    4. Bug fixed that caused problems with some plugins which created own dashboard menus. 


    Preview photos:
    The Metropolitan, Warsaw
    A New York morning
    Busway in Sepia
    Caught in the Act
    Flickr CC photo

    Icon packs inculded:
    Munich icon pack
    Dortmund icon pack
    Duesseldorf icon pack
    Hamburg icon pack
    Cologne icon pack
    Vector social media icons