Light Arrow Buttons

This is a pack of arrow buttons for web sliders, scroll boxes, or anything that needs arrows!

It includes two different styles of buttons – round and square with rounded edges. Each style has three different styles based on what type of background you are going to place the buttons on – white, light and dark. Each of these has 5 different sizes of buttons – 256px, 128px, 64px, 32px and 16px. In addition to the right arrows shown, I’ve included PSD’s for the left, up and down arrows as well. In all there are 120 PSD arrow buttons included!

Each button was custom styled for it’s size and background color – no one style and scaling down here!

The original PSD’s are included so that you can edit them to your own liking, however if you’re ready to use them (or don’t have Photoshop), each of the buttons have already been exported as transparent PNG’s for each direction – up, down, left and right. That’s 120 exported PNG’s ready to drop in and go!

Technical Details
The file was originally built using Adobe Photoshop. So the files included are PSD files. However each of the buttons are already exported as transparent PNG’s as well.

Light Arrow Buttons - 1