Profi Admin – Administration for the professionals

Profi Admin is a clean and simple style template but it’s complexity and expandability goes beyond expectations. The big visual menu creates the intuitive navigation while the tabbed and the hidden submenu expands the structure to 3 menu levels. Inspired by the WordPress Administration layout.

MOST AWESOME implementation of Profi Admin:

UPDATE (ver 1.2):

  • Added liquid layout

UPDATE (ver 1.1):

  • Updated Menu Icons to transparent PNGs
  • IE6 PNG fix included
  • Updated PSD files for more accessible customization (menu_bg.psd and tabs_bg.psd).
  • Completed 2 more colors (RED & GREEN)

    • You can check these colors out in the live preview by switching the theme (top right).

Note: The FLOT charts can be color-customized by changing a value in the graphs.js file.

Features include (ver 1.0):

  • Semantic, valid XHTML and CSS
  • Well commented code (HTML/CSS/JavaScript)
  • Powered by jQuery and jQuery UI
  • Cross-browser compatible
  • Sortable and togglable portlets – similar to WordPress admin
  • FLOT plugin for charts
  • Modal box example (click on the mail icon at the top to test)
  • 3 level navigation supported
    • Large & iconized Main Menu – with blend effect on hover.
    • Tabbed menu
    • Hidden “More” menu (Click on More Submenus link in the tabbed menu for a demo)
  • Closable notification messages
  • WYSIWYG Editor on defined textareas.
  • All-Box checkbox for selecting all checkboxes in a table
  • Includes full icon packs used in the theme
  • 5 button styles
  • Photoshop source files with everything included, sliced, layered and named.

CSS Validation: It has some validation errors due to the jQuery UI CSS file, because some definitions are only used in modern browsers (border-radius, opacity).