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unPress is a responsive, minimalist, flexible and modern WordPress theme suitable for fashion magazines, newspapers or blogs. It was created to showcase your content in a clean, minimal, and fashionable space. With UnPress you can choose from unlimited colors, unlimited pages templates and many other options.

How people use unPress:

What clients says about unPress:


  • Page Composer: You can create unlimited pages and category templates without any lines of code.
  • Mega Menu You can arrange the Mega Drop Down menu with post and links
  • Responsive Layout: Now know that visitors to your site will have the best experience without any importance of witch device they’re using
  • SEO Optimized: Start with SEO in the right direction. unPress is designed to be appetizing to search eng ines and have a good ranking.
  • Post Formats: Support for WordPress Custom Post Formats is built right into the theme with unique styling and options to handle your content.
  • Translation Ready: Translate into any language you wish using the included .po/.mo files. Everything you need to get started with multi language.
  • Powerful Admin Panel: Customizable without using any line of code. Uploading your logo, changing color and much more at your finger tips.
  • Font Icons: 369 unique , scalable and vector icons comes with the Awesome Fonts. Scalable vector graphics means every icon looks awesome at any size.
  • Fullscreen images galleries: Lightbox supported fullscreen images. Perfect for photo magazine, fashion bloggers, etc…
  • Touch Friendly Lightbox: Lightbox supported for mobile devices. You can scroll images with your fingers.
  • Categories Layouts: With a lot of options you can give unique style to your website pages.
  • Static Pages: Two static page layout with and without sidebar.
  • Post Options: Post customization at your finger tips. Each post can be shown in different ways.
  • Single Post Options: Many options to turn on/off like related posts, author box, etc…
  • Custom Post Type: The theme can display many different types of content like Gallery, Video and Interviews. Like a really modern online magazine.
  • Custom Widgets: The theme comes with a collection of custom widgets that you can use and customize.
  • Clean and Valid Code: Clean code is a must for us. The theme has been developed supporting web-standards and conform to W3C and WordPress guidelines.
  • Unlimited Color: With a color picked will be very easy and quickly to change colors of your website.
  • Google Fonts: The theme comes with 600+ fonts from Google font library and default system fonts.
  • Custom Styles: If you need more customization you can add your own CSS directly form your admin panel.
  • Well Documented: Complete documentation and constantly updated will make your life easier during the customization of your website.
  • Demo XML: Dummy data included in the package so will be easy to start with a solid demo.

Child Theme Support

A WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme. Child themes allow you to modify, or add to the functionality of that parent theme. A child theme is the safest and easiest way to modify an existing theme, whether you want to make a few tiny changes or extensive changes. Instead of modifying the theme files directly, you can create a child theme and override within.


unPress comes with 12 custom widgets

  1. Most Liked Post: You can diplsy post and custom post types
  2. Most Viewd Post: You can diplsy post and custom post types
  3. About the site: Display info about your magazine, such a logo, text and social profiles.
  4. Featured Posts: Show featured posts list or slider, defined in post edit page
  5. Latest Comments: The most latest comments with comment author tumbnail
  6. Latest Posts: Display latest posts as slider or list.
  7. Latest Interviews: Display latest interviews as slider or list.
  8. Video: Add videos from Vimeo, YouTube, etc.
  9. Image Ad: Display banner images
  10. Code Ad: Display Google Adsense or JS banners
  11. Flickr: Show photos from Flickr.
  12. Twitter feeds: A widget that shows latest tweets from twitter profile

Video Thumbnails – Automatically retrieve video thumbnails for your posts and display them in your theme. Supports YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Vine, Justin.tv, Twitch, Dailymotion, Metacafe, VK, Blip, Google Drive, Funny or Die, CollegeHumor, MPORA, Wistia, Youku, and Rutube.

Force Regenerate Thumbnails – Usefull if your site already have a lot of content and images. Allows you to delete all old images size and regenerate the thumbnails for your image attachments.


  1. Bootstrap v3.1.1 (http://getbootstrap.com)
  2. Ilightbox http://ilightbox.net/
  3. ImgLiquid https://github.com/karacas/imgLiquid
  4. Jquery throttle debounce plugin http://benalman.com/projects/jquery-throttle-debounce-plugin/
  5. CarouFredSel https://github.com/gilbitron/carouFredSel
  6. JQuery Easing v1.3 http://gsgd.co.uk/sandbox/jquery/easing/
  7. Iosslider http://iosscripts.com/iosslider/
  8. Isotope http://isotope.metafizzy.co
  9. Javascript Mouse Wheel http://www.adomas.org/javascript-mouse-wheel/
  10. Requestanimationframe http://www.paulirish.com/2011/requestanimationframe-for-smart-animating/
  11. TouchSwipe https://github.com/mattbryson/TouchSwipe-Jquery-Plugin
  12. Jquery.Transit http://github.com/rstacruz/jquery.transit
  13. Masonry http://masonry.desandro.com
  14. Modernizr http://modernizr.com
  15. ‘Inview’ http://github.com/zuk/jquery.inview
  16. FitVids http://daverupert.com
  17. Mobile sidebar http://dbushell.com
  18. Page Builder: http://www.advancedcustomfields.com
  19. Option Framework: https://github.com/syamilmj/Options-Framework

Extra: PSDs included (10$ value)

The package also include 19 well layerd PSD’s:

  1. unPress Magazine [Homepage – Masorny].psd
  2. unPress Magazine [Homepage – Blocks].psd
  3. unPress Magazine [Homepage – Mosaic].psd
  4. unPress Magazine [Archive – Post – Sidebar].psd
  5. unPress Magazine [Archive – Post – No Sidebar].psd
  6. unPress Magazine [Archive – Post blocks – Sidebar].psd
  7. unPress Magazine [Archive – Post Blocks – No Sidebar].psd
  8. unPress Magazine [Archive – Post Mosaic – Sidebar].psd
  9. unPress Magazine [Archive – Post Mosaic – No Sidebar].psd
  10. unPress Magazine [Archive – Gallery].psd
  11. unPress Magazine [Archive – Video].psd
  12. unPress Magazine [Archive – Inteview].psd
  13. unPress Magazine [Single Post].psd
  14. unPress Magazine [Single Gallery].psd
  15. unPress Magazine [Single video].psd
  16. unPress Magazine [Single Interview].psd
  17. unPress Magazine [Page – Sidebar].psd
  18. unPress Magazine [Page – No Sidebar].psd
  19. unPress Magazine [Contact Page].psd

Fonts used are Prata http://www.google.com/fonts/specimen/Prata and Helvetica Neue. 
The templates page are designed on 1280 grid system. 
Icons by Awesome Font http://fortawesome.github.com/Font-Awesome/

unPress v3.1 – Released on May 25, 2016

[UPDATE] Revolution Slider 

unPress v3.0 – Released on April 28, 2016

[NEW] Header version with center logo 
[NEW] Full Screen slider above menu for Page Composer template 
[UPDATE] Revolution Slider 
[UPDATE] Instagram Widget 
[IMPROVED] Images Sizes 
[FIXED] Small CSS issues 

unPress v2.7 – Released on June 15, 2015

[NEW] Caption for featured image
[FIXED] Instagram widget
[FIXED] iOS Slider hovering
[FIXED] Gallery and Interview carousel behavior on mobile
[FIXED] Cart showing twice in WooCommerce latest version
[UPDATE] Product sliders, add functionality stop on hover
[UPDATE] WooCommerce

unPress v2.6 – Released on May 25, 2015

[New] Latest post by category widget
[Fixed] Parse error in contact us page

unPress v2.5 – Released on May 24, 2015

[FIXED] Revolution Slider not working in 2.4
[FIXED] Warning: call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, function ‘my_register_fields’ not found or invalid function

unPress v2.4 – Released on May 23, 2015

[NEW] Unlimited sidebar options for latests posts section
[NEW] Unlimited sidebar options for category post section
[NEW] Added main menu 3rd level
[FIXED] Navigation in video post-type
[FIXED] A video issue on video post-type (mobile)
[FIXED] Interview and Gallery carousel widget visualization on footer
[FIXED] Interview and Gallery carousel links on tables and smartphones
[FIXED] Interview carousel width on large desktop
[FIXED] Gallery carousel width on large desktop
[FIXED] Post sharing button position on video post-type (mobile)
[FIXED] Floating box font size on tablets
[FIXED] Tablets links for blocks layout
[FIXED] Some duplicated classes in main menu
[FIXED] Pagination css
[FIXED] Some forum css
[FIXED] Woocommerce - Header height on mobile version
[FIXED] Woocommerce - Table css color
[FIXED] Woocommerce - Improved css form
[FIXED] Woocommerce - Header with cart and search box
[FIXED] Some other little css fixes
[UPDATED] Back to top icon
[UPDATED] Slide menu typography

unPress v2.3 – Released on Jannuary 07, 2015

[FIXED] Featured video link problem

unPress v2.2 – Released on December 24, 2014

[FIXED] Gallery slider issue on mobile devices

unPress v2.1 – Released on November 17, 2014

[FIXED] Video issue on mobile devices
[FIXED] Some little css issue 

unPress v2.0 – Released on November 06, 2014

[NEW] WooCommerce Version 
[NEW] Revolution Slider, with page composer it is easy to put slider on any page. 
[NEW] Full Width Flex Slider. 
[NEW] Full Width Elastic Slider. 
[NEW] Parallax banner on Page Composer 
[NEW] WooCommerce Featured Products on Page Composer 
[NEW] WooCommerce Latest Products on Page Composer 
[NEW] WooCommerce Best Seller Products on Page Composer 
[NEW] WooCommerce Sale Products on Page Composer 
[NEW] WooCommerce Products Editor on Page Composer 
[NEW] Custom Sliders on Page Composer 
[NEW] Caption in gallery images. 
[FIXED] Some little css issue 

unPress v1.3.4 – Released on August 21, 2014

[FIXED] Sidebar issue on mobile device and tablets 
[FIXED] Instagram widget
[FIXED] Minor css issues

unPress v1.3.3 – Released on July 15, 2014

[FIXED] Unlimited sidebar disappear widgets after refresh page 
[NEW] Theme options for on/off date on video, interview, gallery custom post type posts

unPress v1.3.2 – Released on July 2, 2014

[ FIXED ] language issue 
[ NEW ]  theme option for on/off date in single posts 

unPress v1.3.1 – Released on June 17, 2014

[ FIXED ] author avatar for interview, video and gallery custom post type 
[ IMPROVED ] latest posts, instagram, interviews, featured post widget sliders 

unPress v1.3.0 – Released on June 11, 2014

[FIXED] instagram multiple widgets slider issue 
[FIXED] latest posts multiple widgets slider issue 
[FIXED] latest interviews multiple widgets slider issue 
[FIXED] featured posts multiple widgets slider issue 

unPress v1.2.9 – Released on June 10, 2014

[FIXED] Block layout text under image 

unPress v1.2.8 – Released on June 09, 2014

[IMPROVED] Block layout text under image 
[FIXED] Page composer featured posts section, category auto select

unPress v1.2.7 – Released on June 05, 2014

[NEW] Ad option for each category page 
[NEW] Floating title box options ( background color , text color etc ) 
[NEW] Page Composer ( Featured section category option, now featured posts can be show for each category or all ) 
[NEW] IOS slider theme option 
[NEW] Related posts option ( by category or by tags ) 
[FIXED] Safari Mac issue on fade-in css animations

unPress v1.2.6 – Released on May 30, 2014

[FIXED] Default sidebar option

unPress v1.2.5 – Released on May 29, 2014

[NEW] Instagram widget 
[NEW] Default sidebar option

unPress v1.2.4 – Released on May 24, 2014

[FIXED] Black Box stick issue when scroll bottom to top with out stick nav 
[FIXED] Gallery on iPad, iPod, iPhone and Smartphones
[FIXED] Custom post type gallery archive layout

unPress v1.2.3 – Released on May 23, 2014

[FIXED] Error in functions.php when occur in version 1.2.2

unPress v1.2.2 – Released on May 22, 2014

[FIXED] Author avatar 
[FIXED] Custom iOS Slider link issue 
[FIXED] Custom FlexSlider link issue

unPress v1.2.1 – Released on May 22, 2014

[FIXED] language issue

unPress v1.2 – Released on May 19, 2014

[NEW] bbress forum
[NEW] Sticky nav ( on/off )
[NEW] Back to top
[NEW] Added new page composer section Wysiwyg Editor ( Support shortcodes, content, html, media )
[NEW] Added theme option for logo margin top
[NEW] Added theme option for floating black box title font size
[NEW] Added contact form email option in theme options
[FIXED] language file issue
[FIXED] Singal post images in content responsive issue
[FIXED] Improve theme in IPAD

unPress v1.1 – Released on May 11, 2014

[NEW] Unlimited sidebars (pages, posts, custom post types)
[NEW] Single post sidebar on/off option
[NEW] Single gallery custom post type sidebar on/off option
[NEW] Single video custom post type sidebar on/off option
[NEW] Single post format sidebar on/off option
[NEW] Most viewed post widget (post and custom post types)
[NEW] Most liked post widget (post and custom post types)
[NEW] Post views counter
[NEW] Post likes
[NEW] System fonts added for theme typography
[NEW] Total black skin
[UPDATE] Enhance typography options
[UPDATE] Improve author page

unPress v1.0 – Released on May 8, 2014

Initial version